Wandering livestock and wildlife can pose problems for residents and road users within the City of Canning.


Owners of livestock wandering onto public land, roadways or other private property without consent may be liable for any damages or injuries caused. If rangers impound your livestock, you will be liable for impounding fees and penalties may also apply. Please report any straying livestock to the City on 1300 422 664.


The City does not respond to wildlife rescues. Please contact Wildcare  on 9474 9055 for advice on sick, injured or displaced native wildlife.


Wildlife is managed by the Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPAW). For more information, please visit the DPAW website

For emergencies and acts of cruelty on domestic animals, please contact the RSPCA  on 1300 278 3589.

To report deceased animals on roadways and verges within the City of Canning please call 1300 422 664 for details.

Dealing with snakes

In spring and summer, many reptiles emerge to bask in the sun. During this time you should take precautions to minimise the chance of encountering snakes.

Remember, snakes are an integral part of the natural environment and play an important role in wildlife ecosystems.

Common snakes around Perth

Venomous dugites and tiger snakes are common in the metropolitan area. Both species hunt small mammals, frogs and lizards, and are active during the day and at night in warm weather.

If you find a snake in a garden or a house, contact Wildcare Helpline (08) 9474 9055 to be referred to a volunteer reptile remover.

If volunteers are unavailable, there are commercial snake removal services. Advice can be provided by phoning the Department of Parks and Wildlife on (08) 9219 9840.

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