Local governments are key players in the State’s emergency management arrangements and provide expert knowledge about their communities and environments. It is their role to ensure that local emergency management arrangements are prepared and maintained, as well as to manage recovery after an emergency.

Western Australia faces a range of natural and manmade hazards, many of which have the potential to threaten life, cause injury, damage property and the environment. The City of Canning is committed to ensuring the safety of our residents.

Under the Emergency Management Act 2005, local governments are required to have local emergency management arrangements in place.

In the event that an emergency or large scale incident should occur, the City has developed local emergency arrangements to enhance the Canning community’s resilience and preparedness for emergencies through strategies that apply prevention, preparedness, response and recovery measures.

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Local Emergency Management Committee

In addition to ensuring that effective local emergency arrangements are prepared and maintained, each local government is required to establish a local emergency management committee (LEMC). The City of Canning shares this responsibility with the City of South Perth. The Canning and South Perth LEMC meet quarterly. Its members include City staff and representatives from key agencies including the Department of Fire and Emergency Services, State Emergency Service, Department of Communities and WA Police.

The LEMC plays a vital role in helping to make our community more disaster resilient through comprehensive emergency management planning and practices, providing advice and guidance to the local government regarding the development, maintenance and testing of their local emergency management arrangements in accordance with the Emergency Management Act 2005.

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