The City of Canning is working towards ensuring all owners and occupiers of land within the district complete and maintain adequate fire hazard reduction measures.

Fire hazard inspections are conducted by authorised fire control officers to ensure compliance with the City’s Annual Fire Hazard Reduction Notice.

Below is a list of contractors who may be willing to assist landowners to comply with the Annual Fire Hazard Reduction Notice. Please note, the City does not warrant or guarantee the standard of works performed by the below contractors. The names are supplied in good faith and City officers have no input into the pricing or quotes provided by a contractor.

Landowners, particularly absentee owners, should not assume the contractor has undertaken all the work that might be required to achieve compliance with the Annual Fire Hazard Reduction Notice.

Regardless of any contractual relationship between the parties, the landowner remains legally responsible to ensure full compliance with the notice.

Fire Hazard Reduction Contractors

  • Canning Vale Rural and Urban Services: 0418 853 362
  • Koopman Earth Moving: 9451 6482
  • Commercial and Industrial Mowing: 0417 911 596
  • Adelby Pty Ltd T/A Firebreaks & Slashing: 9498 7124
  • Steve and Dianne Brown, Steve's Slashing and Fire Breaks: 0429102306 or 0429001581
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