Litter consists of waste products that have been disposed of improperly and without consent.  Litter and illegal dumping can quickly make an area look ugly and impact on our environment and our health.

The City of Canning needs continued support from members of the community to assist in reducing litter and maintaining a clean, safe City.

You can assist by advising us of what is happening in your local neighbourhood by reporting and without putting yourselves at risk, rubbish, furniture that has been illegally dumped in residential streets, parks and bushland.

Littering is an offence and fines may apply to those who illegally dispose of rubbish.

To report these issues, please call 1300 422 664.

In the instances of abandoned shopping trolleys, please report it to the retailer for collection. Click here for information on how to report abandoned shopping trolleys.

To deter littering and illegal dumping, the City of Canning provides a number of ways for residents to dispose of rubbish. These include:

  • Weekly collection of your green lid bin (for general waste)
  • Fortnightly collection of your yellow lid bin (for recyclable items)
  • Two green waste verge collections per year
  • Two bulk junk waste collections per year
  • White goods on demand collection service

When is my waste collected?
Collection dates depend on what zone your house falls in.
To find out your waste collection dates, visit  or call
1300 422 664.

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