Community safety is everyone's responsibility. 

The Safe Canning Strategy has been developed through extensive community and stakeholder consultation, analysis of local crime statistics and demographics. The Strategy is supported by the Safe Canning Strategy: Implementation Action Plan 2021-2022. These documents maintain the City’s ongoing commitment to strengthen communities and partnerships in order to improve safety target crime and antisocial behaviour, as well as the various issues that underpin them in our community.

To provide a summary of key achievements and completed actions overt he past financial year (2021-2022), we have created a Community Safety Report Card.

Safe Canning Strategy - Community Safety Report Card 2022

You can also download the Community Safety Report Card in PDF or contact the Safe Communities team on 1300 422 664 for a hard copy.

We want your ongoing feedback and input!

Community safety feedback portal

Please note, this is not a portal to report crime. In an emergency situation call 000. For non-emergency Police assistance and attendance call 131 444 or make a report online. To anonymously report criminal activity, suspicious behaviour or knowledge or a current or past crime, call Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000 or visit the Crimestoppers website


What are we doing differently?

The Strategy looks a little different from the Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plans previously delivered. Traditionally, these had specific goals, actions and success measures for a fixed term. This approach has proven restrictive, offering limited flexibility or opportunity for ongoing review to meet changing needs and emerging community safety issues.

The Strategy will enable a broader and less rigid framework to guide the City’s ongoing community safety priorities. Adopting this approach also provides flexibility to accommodate for major changes in community priorities, such as a large scale or sustained emergency event.

Our Focus

Factors that impact community safety are generally not confined to any one given cause or area, rather to a range of elements that together combine to influence safety outcomes, both positive and negative.

Looking back on previous community safety surveys, perception surveys and CSCP Plans, there are consistent and recurring themes that relate to:

  • People

  • Place

  • Partnerships

It is considered that these three focus areas effectively capture the safety concerns that are important to the Canning community, and where Council can play a key role in bringing about greater safety outcomes.

Safe Canning Strategy Cycle

The Strategy provides the guiding structure to support the implementation of initiatives and programs that enhance community safety. This will be achieved through the delivery of the Implementation Action Plan. The Plan and its ongoing review comprises several key steps, which together form the Safe Canning Strategy Cycle. The cycle will be an annual process to ensure our focus remains live and fluid throughout the Strategy’s lifetime.

Consult: A Community Safety Survey will be conducted annually. Consultation is intended to build on previous ‘Community Safety Month’ initiatives and provide a platform to seek ongoing community feedback and input.

Prioritise: Setting of priority actions will be determined through ongoing consultation with our community and key stakeholders regarding perceptions of safety. Consideration of factors such as changes to local crime trends, demographic and census data will also influence actions and their priority and help to inform the Plan and success outcomes.

Implement: Identified actions will be assigned to one or more of the core focus areas People, Place, Partnerships within the Plan.

Report: Regular reporting of community safety outcomes and successes will be promoted to the broader community through a range of communication platforms and mediums. This includes an annual Community Safety Report Card, which provides a progress summary of the Plan, key achievements and completed actions.


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