Security Incentive Scheme

Round 4 of the Security Incentive Scheme is closing soon!

Are you a Canning resident and wish to install or upgrade your home security items? You could be eligible for a rebate from the City of Canning.

It is your final chance to apply and get in quick to avoid disappointment. Rebates are provided on a first come, first serve basis. We cannot guarantee that your application will be approved if funds are expended.

Download the rebate application form.

Can I buy and install my security items myself?

The City strongly recommends that your security items are installed by a licensed professional.

However, you may purchase and install your items yourself with the exclusion of any hard-wired electrical items. All devices requiring hard-wired electrical supply, including sensor lights, must be installed by a registered electrician.

Do I need to register my CCTV system with the police?

It is not mandatory to register your home CCTV with Cam-Map, but the City highly recommends that you do.

Cam-Map is a police-operated database that is made up of self-registered CCTV systems in Western Australia and can be useful in WA Police investigations.

What happens if my security items cost less than the rebate amount listed?

Rebates will only be paid up to the maximum amount listed on your application form.

Should you purchase an item that falls below the rebate amount listed, only the cost of your item will be rebated. For example, the maximum rebate listed for a home intruder alarm is $100, but if yours costs $90, only $90 will be rebated.

If I meet all the conditions and send through everything on the checklist, am I guaranteed a rebate?

No, rebates are offered to those who apply first. We cannot accept your application after the rebates have been expended.

We recommend applying for pre-approval before purchasing your security items to avoid disappointment and ensure funds can be allocated to you.

I live in the City of Canning but wish to purchase security items for my parents who live in another city. Can I claim the rebate on this?

No, rebates are only offered for residents who are installing security items at a City of Canning Residence.

Can I apply for a rebate for my security items that I bought for my business?

No, the Security Incentives Scheme will only provide rebates for items installed at your home.

If I claim a rebate and then decide to purchase more security items, can I claim more than once?

No, Residents/Property Owners are only entitled to make one application per financial year.

Should you wish to install multiple items these must be submitted on one application. The total rebate amount will be capped at $100.00 per applicant, per financial year (or $200.00 for those holding a valid Pensioner Concession, Healthcare or WA Seniors Card).

My partner and I both bought separate security items, can we both apply for a rebate?

No, only one rebate can be claimed per household. A maximum of $100 will be rebated [or $200 for those holding a valid Pensioner Concession, Healthcare or WA Seniors Card] per household.

How do I get my rebate?

Your rebate will be paid into the bank account you nominated on your application form. Please note that we cannot process your rebate without a copy of your bank statement header including the Account Holder Name, BSB and Account Number of your nominated account.

Cam-Map WA is a secured database operated by the Western Australian Police Force containing all voluntarily registered CCTV systems across Western Australia.

Knowing where active CCTV systems are in your area will assist WA Police to investigate incidents in order to improve community safety, solve crimes more effectively, or locate missing people sooner.

Register your CCTV system.

The Safer Homes Brochure has helpful tips and information to help you improve the safety of your home.

The Safer Homes Security Checklist is designed to assist residents to identify potential areas of vulnerability and improve their security measures to help reduce the risk of crime. By introducing some simple but practical security precautions into everyday life, we can all take an active role in reducing crime and help keep our homes and community safe.

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