Making wonderful companions and providing years of loyalty, dogs are the key to our healthy wellbeing and happiness. However, caring for your pet's needs and obeying local laws in regards to their ownership is a major component of being a responsible pet owner.



Choosing your dog

Being a responsible pet owner begins even before choosing your pet, so before choosing that energetic and cuddly puppy it's wise to ensure you can answer yes to the following questions before bringing your new companion home: 


  • Do you have a backyard?
  • Is your backyard large enough for a dog to run around in?
  • Is your backyard secure?
  • Does your backyard have adequate shelter?


  • Are you prepared to walk your dog everyday?
  • Do you have the time to walk your dog everyday? 
  • Do you have the ability to walk your dog everyday?
  • Does your wanted breed or cross breed suit your lifestyle?
Helpful resources
RSPCA Smart Puppy Buyers Guide
Dogs - Responsible Owners brochure
Who to contact
Owning a dog is a big responsibility. If you need to talk through any concerns or questions about becoming a dog owner please contact: 
Your local vet 

Dog Ownership Responsibilities

While most owners treat their animals as a member of the family, there are those who forget the responsibility that they have when it comes to owning a dog. As a dog owner within the City of Canning you need to make sure you meet the responsibilities below: 


To abide by the Dog Act 1976 all dog owners must microchip their dog and report the number to the City before they reach the age of three months. 
This is so we can easily reunite them quickly with you if they are lost.

If we come across your lost dog, we simple scan your dogs microchip and we are able to obtain your contact details from the owner database and return your dog to you. It is important to remember to update your details in the owner database to ensure we have the right contact information. 

How to microchip your dog

This quick, safe and simply procedure can be carried out by your local vet. 
If implanting a microchip may adversely affect the health or welfare of your dog, the vet will issue a certificate stating this and your dog may be exempt. 

What happens if i don't microchip my dog?

Non-compliance may result in infringements of up to $5000 or court action.


Once you have applied to register your dog, you will receive a registration tag which your dog must wear in public. 
This registration tag should be worn alongside a collar that includes your name and address (owner)

Download an application to register your dog here.

Change of Ownership

Is your dog going to a new owner? If so, please download the Notification of Change of Ownership form. Also, remember to transfer microchip ownership details.

Control in public places

Dogs are to remain under adequate control and on a lead at all times in a public place except in areas designated as a dog exercise area.

For more information, please check the below maps for dog exercise areas:

Dog complaints or lost dogs

Rangers within the City of Canning receive and investigate around 2000 dog-related complaints each year, many of which can be avoided.

Do you have barking dog issues, been involved in or observed a dog attack, found a wandering dog? Ranger and Community Safety Services can help you with all these issues 24hrs a day, seven days a week on 1300 422 664.

Likewise, if you and your pet become separated, contact Ranger and Community Safety Services. Click here to view all animals currently impounded.

Restricted Breeds

The Western Australian State Government has introduced tough new regulations on restricted dog breeds. For more information, please download the information here.