Residents within the City of Canning can apply for a permit to burn and must know the restricted burning times and requirements.

Permits will not be granted on land with an area less than 2000m2. Permits are issued free of charge for up to seven days and always expire on the Sunday.

An application for a permit to burn must be completed and submitted to the City at least three business days prior to the intended burn period. To download your copy of the City of Canning Application for Permit to Burn, please click here. 

For information on how to reduce a fire hazard, download a copy of the City of Canning Annual Fire Hazard Reduction Notice & Important Fire Information. 

During restricted burning times an appointment will be made for an authorised person to inspect your property and the material to be burnt. This is to ensure the assessment criteria are met.

Restrictions and requirements include:

  • A minimum of three able bodied adults present at all times
  • Informing local fire services and neighbours before commencing the burn
  • Restricting burning to coincide with the appropriate weather conditions
  • Implementing precautions to prevent the escape of the burn
  • Having sufficient water and personnel to control and extinguish the burn
  • Providing a time limit in which the burn can be carried out
  • Ensuring no material including plastic, food scraps, green garden refuse or other materials are present which may cause smoke or odour to create a nuisance to other people.

Restricted Burning Table 


Total fire ban

Total fire bans are declared on days when fires will be difficult to control, are most likely to threaten lives and property, or when widespread fires are impacting the availability of resources. During a total fire ban, you must not light a fire in the open air or use any equipment in the open air likely to emit sparks.

The ban includes:

  • Hot works (welding, grinding, soldering, gas cutting)
  • All open solid fuel fires for the purpose of cooking or camping
  • Use of incinerators and other activities.

No fires are to be lit at any time on days of very high, severe, extreme or catastrophic fire conditions or any day declared a total fire ban. All permits are automatically suspended on these days.

Alternatives to burning

Rather than burning, there are alternative ways of getting rid of waste. For instance, you can use mulch clippings, branches, twigs and leaves for compost, utilise the City’s Green Waste Collection or arrange for large quantities of green waste to be mulched on site by mobile mulching services.


Burning rubbish, refuse or other material

The City’s Health Local Laws 1998 provides a person shall not set fire to or cause to set on fire any rubbish or refuse so as to cause a nuisance. The penalty for an offence is a fine of $100.

For further information, visit the Fire Prevention & Emergency Preparedness Resources, Links and Information webpage.

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