A key component of working with the community is the development of an advisory group who can provide a reference point for broader community views, for both Council and City officers.

Increasingly, the City of Canning works with the community, developing the capacity of other organisations and groups to meet their own needs and aspirations. This capacity is generally developed by: 


Ensuring individuals and groups have the skills, information and involvement they need to pursue their own needs and aspirations.


Ensuring individuals and groups are connected together, so their collective efforts have greater impact. 


Responding to ideas that spring from these individuals and groups and helping turn those ideas to action. This can include helping them find adequate resources from community, commercial or government sources.

The objectives of the Community Advisory Group are to  broadly represent community views on matters brought before them, raise issues and opportunities which relate to the community and provide advice to the City on issues affecting the community.


Members of the Community Advisory Group

1 Year Term  2 Year Term 
Marie Burman - Wiegele Caroline Dunsire
Anne Baigent Peter Nettleton
Jose Ciciliamma Elmi Ali
Elaine Schofield  

Ema Denby

Mike Slingsby  
Jasmine Mountford  

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