Apply now for the Saving Our Resources Team and be a good SORT! You’ll receive hands on experience in good waste management and can share your passion for living sustainably with others at City run events. Join our team and be prepared to be shocked, fascinated and inspired. 

Applications close Monday 7 December 2020 at 5pm.

SORT (Saving our Resources Team) are members of the community who take part in learning practical ways of reducing waste at home and in the community. Through the completion of an induction and in depth training, SORT join a community of like minded people and help to promote waste minimisation in the local community.

Our main goal is to not only have 100% of waste at City events put into the correct bins, but also to educate the community in a friendly, polite and informative manner to ensure they head home and continue doing the right thing.

We will have colourful bin stations at our events, with flags, signage and you! At these points is where you will assist our event patrons in using the correct bins and answering any burning questions they may have. We will prep you for all types of questions and be there at the first few events to give you a hand.

The training consists of a preliminary induction, plus 'Waste and Recycling 101' delivered by our in-house Waste Gurus!
Included is a guided tour of the City's Waste Transfer Station, learning what can be recycled in the community and tips to encourage others to reduce waste at events.

You will be provided with:
  • Vest
  • Lanyard
  • Welcome Pack with all relevant information
  • Gift Pack from Urban Revolution (located in Vic Park) with a bundle of sustainable goodies!
  • Hands on and theory training
  • Resources and information provided on the day of activities/event

Don’t forget to mention this role on your EOI.
Email your EOI to

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