Community facilities the City of Canning has available for hire

If your booking/event is open to the public and over 200 people, please click here.


Canning Vale




Queens Park





  • Welshpool Learning Exchange




A bond is payable for casual use of places within the City of Canning. Bonds are held against damage to the building or equipment, loss of keys, failure to secure the building or any additional charges for cleaning, repairs or other expenses incurred by the City as a result of your booking. A bond is paid prior to the event and payment will be made on collection of the key.

For casual events, the City prefers to take payment of a Bond by credit card pre-authorisation. Please discuss bond payment options available when you speak with the Active Places Officer on 1300 422 664.

High risk events

A high risk event includes 15th to 25th birthday parties or bridal party celebrations including buck’s and hen’s nights. Sporting groups and other parties where guests are mostly in the 15 to 25 age group may also be considered as high risk events. You can conduct a high risk event in the City of Canning, but conditions must be met prior to the City accepting a booking. Please call the Active Places Officer on 1300 422 664 to discuss your proposed event. Bookings without prior discussion will not be accepted. As well as completing a Places Booking Application, you also need to complete a Party Registration form. Click here to download.

Booking Application Form

Fees and Charges

Download the OneBooking Terms and Conditions here

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