Objective: To provide guidelines for the appropriate use of IT facilities and services at the City of Canning Libraries.

Policy Statement

The City of Canning Library Service strives to develop resources and collections that meet the varying educational, informational, cultural and recreational needs of the community. The City believes that the provision of effective and up-to-date services are an integral part of meeting the community’s needs and aims to provide a relevant Information Technology (IT) service to library hub customer.

The City of Canning is committed to the Learning City Strategy, and the Library Service is committed to maintaining eSmart accreditation.

Internet Content

  1. The City accepts no responsibility for online content nor activity, including but not limited to; the accuracy of any information sourced via the internet or the availability of online services.
  2. The City and law enforcement authorities may review, audit, and access sites visited by a user, subject to the discretion of the City.
  3. The City may restrict access to online content and services it deems inappropriate.

Hardware and Software

  1. The City provides a range of software on library hub computers. The software installed shall be at the discretion of the City.
  2. The City accepts no responsibility for the compatibility of the supplied hardware or software with users’ devices.
  3. The City, nor its employees shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, exemplary or consequential damages arising in any way out of the use of the City’s facilities.

Customer Access

  1. Though the City aims to provide free and open access to equipment, there may be occasions where a fee is applied, in accordance with the City’s published Schedule of Fees and Charges.
  2. There may be occasions when the service may suffer performance or access issues due to demand and/or technical issues. Where the issue is within the City’s control, all efforts will be made for the service to be re-established as soon as possible.
  3. A registered library hub member with a debt recorded on their library membership record must settle the debt prior to accessing a library hub computer.
  4. Users must comply with relevant policy and legislation when using the City’s IT services, including but not limited to;
    • Access, transmission or storage of prohibited or destructive material, comments of a defamatory, illegal, fraudulent, insulting, abusive, obscene, offensive or harassing nature
    • Destruction, damage or impedance of any equipment, software, or data, belonging to the City or other person
    • Violation or attempt to violate any computer network’s system security
    • Copying of copyright-protected material without authorisation and/or infringement of licence agreements and other contracts
    • Violations or attempts to violate privacy

Downloading Data

  1. A library hub customer may download data to an external storage device(s), to the extent that the device is supported by a library hub computer. Such storage devices shall be supplied by the library customer at their expense.
  2. A library customer shall not store any downloaded data on a library computer beyond the length of their session. The City accepts no responsibility for the preservation, security or accessibility of any data downloaded.
  3. The library hub accepts no responsibility for the retrieval of data where it is lost, corrupted, or becomes inaccessible.
  4. The City may impose download limits.

Commitment to improving information literacy

  1. The library hub provides training in information literacy to the community in line with its commitment to the Learning City strategy and eSmart accreditation.

Commitment to Users

  1. Library hub staff will provide users with support where possible and practicable
  2. If customers feel that they are being subjected to abuse, harassment or bullying they are encouraged to approach library hub staff.

Privacy while using IT facilities and services

The library hub will take all reasonable steps to protect the privacy of users. However, it is the ultimate responsibility of users to protect their privacy and security.

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