This Youth Employment Initiative provides young people the opportunity to develop employment skills, gearing them up to enter the workforce with confidence. As part of this initiative, Libraries and Youth Services deliver a series of workshops around resume and cover letter writing, interview skills and financial resilience, aimed at students in Years 10 to 12.

Additionally, students in Year 10 will be invited to apply for a contract position at the Libraries as a Junior Library Officer.
Successful applicants from local Year 10 students will gain contracts provided until the 30th June in their Year 12 of schooling. Completion of the contract in mid Year 12 allows students to focus on studies during this important period. It is anticipated that these roles will be recruited annually, resulting in a regular employment opportunity for local young people in Canning.

Upcoming Workshops

Being new to the job market: I’m ready to find a part-time job. What do I need to get started and where do I look?
19 March, 4pm - 5 pm
Willetton Youth Centre

Resume writing: What do I put on my resume if I don’t have any experience?
9 April, 3.30pm - 4.30 pm
Cannington Library

Cover letters: How do I sell myself in a cover letter when I don’t have any experience?
13 April 3.30pm - 4.30 pm
Riverton Library

Interview skills: Tips to shine in a job interview
4 May 4pm - 5pm
Lynwood Youth Centre

Tax, Super and Banking: How do I file for a TFN? What is superannuation? And, HELP! I need a bank account!
29 May 10am - 11 am
Riverton Library

Being money smart: What to do now you have an income? Spend or Save?
10 June 4pm - 5 pm
Willetton Youth Centre

What is a Junior Library Officer? 

Our Junior Library Officers support the library operations by ensuring recourses are well organised to help easy access for customers. 
Ensuring that books and other items are well presented on shelves as well as providing outstanding levels of customer service by being welcoming, and giving assistance where needed is key in this role. Members of this team build effective relationships with other staff members, helping to contribute to the efficient operation of the Library. 

Junior Library Officers work regular after school and Saturday shifts at City of Canning Library locations.

 My working experience at the Canning libraries as a Junior Shelver has been very eye-opening as I learnt about the process of gaining employment. I feel it is a great way to gain your first working experience and insights into working in the customer service industry. The workshops held helped me prepare for my first paid job and obtain the skills I needed to apply.
Tristan, Junior Library Officer

When will you be recruiting? 

The City of Canning will be recruiting for Year 10 Junior Library Officers in April 2021 for a start date in July 2021.

Notification will be sent to local high schools as well as being listed on

Keep an eye on this page for advertisement updates. 

Applicants are encouraged to attend the above workshops.
Junior Library Officers 2020
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