Noongar Cultural and Language Classes

The classes are led by Marie Taylor, a traditional owner and elder of Noongar Country.

Marie has a wealth of knowledge and is an emotive storyteller who brings the language of the Noongar people to life in these workshops. The classes are designed to suit everyone - from absolute beginners to people looking for an opportunity to practice and polish their Noongar language skills.

Anyone with a passion for languages, expanding their knowledge or connecting with local culture is invited to join these classes. This is an opportunity to learn the language of the first people of south Western Australia. You are welcome to attend these classes on an adhoc basis or attend each session throughout the year.

The classes will run from 10am on the third Saturday of each month, at the Bentley Hub.

Links for classroom use

Noongar Dictionary by Rose Whitehurst

Noongar word list

Southwest Education Region - teaching and learning resources

Noongar Language Centre - audio lessons


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