The following resources are made available to assist you on being sustainable at home or in the community.

Build Smart Live Smart Guide

The City of Canning is committed to helping our residents live more sustainably at home and in the community. We have developed a Build Smart Live Smart guide and checklist to use when building or renovating and to live more smartly across the key themes of design, materials, energy, water, waste, green space, and transport. Download the Build Smart Live Smart Guide.


ClimateWatch is a national citizen science program enabling every Australian to record data and better understand how climate change is affecting our wildlife. Visit the ClimateWatch website for further information.

Community Bike Repair Stations

To support sustainable travel by bicycle the City has installed bike repair stations at two popular locations, Cannington and Riverton Leisureplexes. These stations are available for drop ins to perform routine maintenance. Each station has a foot operated bike pump, a series of tools for minor repairs and bike maintenance tips.

DIY Home Water Audit Kit

Home Water Audit Kits are available to borrow free of charge from CREEC. The kit enables residents to identify where they use the most water in their home and provides information on simple ways to lower water wastage. Each kit includes a step-by-step guide and handy tools to complete a household water use audit. For further information or bookings please contact CREEC on or call 9461 7160.

Rewards for Residents

The Rewards for Residents initiative is run by Switch Your Thinking and supports residents in making their home more sustainable. As a Switch Your Thinking member, residents' can access discounts on products that will help to cut waste, reduce energy and water use. Products include pool covers, rainwater tanks, solar panels, electric bike accessories, worm farms, compost bins, insulation paint, green printing and energy and water audits. Claim your discount today! Visit the Rewards for Residents website for more information.

Solar Bench

The City partnered with Synergy and CleanAir Energy to install a Steora smart solar-powered bench at the Kent Street Weir Park. The solar bench, gifted to the City by Synergy, can collect and store up to 100Watts of electricity every hour and features wireless device chargers and smart USB connectors allowing residents and visitors to charge mobile devices and access the wifi hotspot for free. The benches are made of high quality materials and are resistant to vandalism, with ventilation fans to ensure the seat does not heat up during the day, and LED’s to light up the bench at night.

Turtle Watch

The Turtle Watch program is dedicated to providing information about the South-western snake-necked turtle of Western Australia. A fact sheet about these turtles is available, turtle sightings can be reported to one of the Turtle Watch Environment Centres and schools are encouraged to become a Turtle Watch Accredited School. Please visit the Turtle Watch website to learn more.

Other Resources

Please refer to these useful links and fact sheets to assist you on being sustainable at home or in the community:

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