School holiday programs at Canning River Eco Education Centre provide unique activities that help children discover our natural areas.

During the school holidays, fun activities bring kids of all ages up close and personal with the natural environment.

These community programs are brought to you by Know Your Patch, Nearer to Nature, and River Guardians. Each activity provides hands-on fun for kids and adults to discover and learn more about their local environments.

Visit the Know Your Patch website to view the latest programs, calendar, and to book online.

For information, please contact Know Your Patch at

Tuesday 26 September
Turtley Awesome Wetlands
The native south-western snake necked turtle is a fascinating reptile which inhabits our river and wetlands. Sadly, it faces many threats and we can all do our part to protect them. Join us on this fun and interactive activity as we explore the turtley awesome life of these interesting creatures, investigate their unique features and explore their environment in search for them! Finish the morning by making your own crafty turtle. Note: we cannot guarantee we will see a turtle during this activity.
9.30 – 11.00am
Cost $7, ages 4 - 7yrs
Seize and Capture
Could you tell the difference between a kite and a hawk, an eagle and a harrier? Join us as we head out on a scavenger hunt and collect clues to discover the differences between some common Perth raptors. Discover how these feathered flyers hunt, shape their wings to dive and attack or soar. Then have a meet and greet with theses majestic birds.
12.30 – 2.00pm
Cost $25, ages 7 - 12yrs
Thursday 5 October
Winged Warriors
With superhero masks on, explore how the amazing, winged warriors of the insect world can help save our planet. Discover how these tiny creatures can make a huge impact on ecosystems as you head out to explore their world
9.30 – 11.00am
Cost $15, ages 4 - 7yrs

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