In addition to providing programs for schools, CREEC hosts a wide range of workshops and initiatives during the year for residents and visitors to the Canning community.

Many of these environmental and broader sustainability programs and initiatives are run in conjunction with local conservation groups, non-for-profit organisations, small local businesses and government agencies.

Striving to support a culturally diverse, sustainable and inclusive community, activities vary and can cater for adults, families, teenagers and young children.

For upcoming events, visit CREEC's Community Events page.

Click here to learn more about the City's approach to sustainability or visit the City's Sustainability hub for ideas, tips and inspiration about how small, easy changes can have positive impacts on the environment and your wellbeing.


ClimateWatch is a national citizen science program enabling every Australian to record data in better understanding how climate change is affecting our wildlife. To find out more about climate watching at the Canning River Regional Park, click here or download the ClimateWatch App for iPhone/Android.

DIY Home Water Audit Kit

Home Water Audit Kits are available to borrow free of charge from CREEC. The kit enables residents to identify where they use the most water in their home and provides information on simple ways to lower water wastage. Each kit includes a step-by-step guide and handy tools to complete a household water use audit.

Turtle Watch

The Turtle Watch program is dedicated to providing information about the Oblong or Long-neck Turtle of the south-west of Western Australia. A fact sheet about these turtles is available, turtle sightings can be reported to one of the Turtle Watch Environment Centres and schools are encouraged to become a Turtle Watch Accredited School.

Wildcare Helpline

For sick and injured native wildlife in Western Australia, phone 9474 9055

For more information, contact CREEC on or 9461 7160.

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