In addition to providing programs for schools, CREEC hosts a wide range of workshops and initiatives during the year for residents and visitors to the Canning community.

Cockatoo Kids Club

Suitable for children aged 6 to 15 years, the Cockatoo KIDS Club is where children can have fun outdoors and discover why cockatoos and other native wildlife are so special.

For further information please visit our Cockatoo KIDS Club page.

School Holidays Program

Nearer to Nature's school holiday programs at the Canning River Eco Education Centre provide unique, enjoyable activities that help children discover intriguing natural areas.

To find out what’s on, please visit our School holiday programs page.

Community Sustainability Learning Program

As of January 2019, the Canning River Eco Education Centre (CREEC) has enjoyed a rebranded and reinvigorated sustainability learning program, designed to enhance regional community engagement, capacity building and lifelong learning. Through our Community Sustainability Learning Program the City delivers sustainability learning content for the Canning community related to our city-wide sustainability principles and targets.

To find out what’s on, please visit our Upcoming Events page.

Subsidised Equipment Initiative

To reduce waste sent to landfill the City is offering residents workshops and subsidies on composting and worm farming equipment. By helping residents compost their food scraps and garden material we can help you create healthy and water wise gardens.

For further information please visit our Subsidised Equipment Initiative page.


Passionate environmental and sustainability volunteers are encourages to join local conservation groups in the City of Canning.

For further information please visit our Volunteering page.


Additional resources are avaialble to assist you in being sustainable in the home or in the community.

For further information please visit our Resources page.
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