To reduce waste sent to landfill the City is offering residents workshops and subsidies on composting and worm farming equipment.

The City of Canning collects 4,286 tonnes of verge side green waste a year and a further 42,000 tonnes of waste from green top bins. Much of this goes to landfill but could be diverted from the waste stream or avoided altogether. By helping residents compost their food scraps and garden material we can help you create healthy and water wise gardens.

Composting Equipment 

The City is offering residents a discount on the purchase of a compost bin, aerator, bokashi bucket and/or bokashi mix. This equipment is available for purchase at the Waste Transfer Station (Lot 502 Ranford Road, Canning Vale).

Worm Cafe Subsidy

The City of Canning also offers residents a $110 discount on the purchase of a worm cafe, the subsidised price is $115. As worm cafes need special care and failure can occur without proper instruction, worm cafes are only available for purchase from the City when attending a workshop.

To find out when the next workshop is on, please visit our Events page.

Download the Subsidised Composting and Worm Farming Equipment brochure here.
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