Passionate environmental and sustainability volunteers are encouraged to join local conservation groups in the City of Canning.

If you’re interested in helping to protect the environment or reduce your carbon footprint, why not donate your spare time to a local environmental and/or sustainability group within Canning? For further information, please contact us at or on 9461 7160.
The South East Regional Centre for Urban Landcare (SERCUL) in Beckenham is home to a number of groups such as the Bannister Creek Catchment Group. Information on Canning’s local conservation and environment groups can also be found on the SERCUL website. For further information, contact SERCUL on 9458 5664 or go to their website here.

Volunteering Opportunities

Environmental Community Group and Organisation Manual

Environmental community groups and organisations make a valuable contribution to natural area management. The City of Canning is committed to supporting volunteers in their endeavours through the main objectives of the Environmental Community Group and Organisation Manual.

The manual includes providing guidance on natural area management techniques, providing advice on establishing new groups and managing existing groups and providing guidance in potential funding and partnership opportunities.

It is well-recognised and appreciated that many groups have a long established history of undertaking valuable conservation activities in the City and it is hoped that this manual will help to enhance the mutually beneficial working relationships that exist.

City of Canning officers are available to provide advice in relation to the manual. Please contact Parks, Place and Improvement Canning on 1300 422 664 for assistance.

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