Hillview intercultural Community Centre (HICC) will be opening its doors for the first time on 31 January 2022.

This is an important project and forms part of the City’s vision to create a welcoming and thriving City.

If you do not find your answer below you can Connect with us or join the conversation in the Hillview Intercultural Community Centre Facebook Group.

Why an Intercultural Community Centre?
Where is the Hillview Intercultural and Community Centre?
I don’t consider myself to be from a different culture. Can I use the Hillview Intercultural Community Centre?
Are there any other local government operated intercultural or multicultural centres in the metropolitan area?
What spaces are available to hire?
What events and programs will be available from HICC and when will they be available?
What are the opening hours of HICC?
Can you explain each space in more detail?
How do I make a booking for a space/s?
Do I have to book to use a computer at HICC?
What can I expect from the HICC library?
What else would I expect to see at HICC?
The Hillview Intercultural Community Centre is supported by Lotterywest and the WA Government as part of the election commitment grant program.
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