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Direct Debit Membership - Frequestly Asked Questions.

A time stop can be placed on your membership for a minimum of seven days and a maximum of 365 days. There is a $5 processing fee. Because your membership is paid by direct debit, then the appropriate debit amount will be calculated on a pro-rata basis just before or after your membership is active again. Payment for time stop can be made over the phone or in person at either Cannington or Riverton Leisureplex.
Your membership will be placed on a time stop (hold) and the $5 processing fee is waived. Because your membership is paid by direct debit, then the appropriate debit amount will be calculated on a pro-rata basis and charged from your nominated account just before or after we make your membership active again. There may be a deduction from your bank account during the lockdown period, but this will only occur depending on where your membership is in its payment cycle. You are not charged for any full days the centres are closed due to a lockdown.
Please visit your local Leisureplex and speak to any of our friendly customer service staff.
You must arrange for your direct debit payments to be made via an alternate method. Please contact us as soon as possible.
Your membership will continue until you request to cancel your membership by giving 14 days notification in writing. Cancellations requests can be made in person or by emailing us at
A pro-rata credit amount cannot be refunded. When your membership reactivates after a time stop the next debit amount will be reduced by the pro-rata credit. If you wish to cancel your membership whilst on time stop, you will need to provide your request in writing and your membership will be cancelled after the 14-day notice period. Any pro-rata credit will reduce your final debit amount.
Your membership will continue until you notify us that you want to put your membership on hold or that you wish to cancel it. It is your responsibility to notify us before you are unable to attend. You cannot be refunded for any payments made prior to notifying us of a cancellation.
To prevent further charges to your account, your membership will expire before your next debit date. Before your membership can be renewed, you are required to pay the amount outstanding. As per the terms of agreement a $15 direct debit dishonour fee may apply.
You will need to join as a new member. You are required to pay any outstanding fees.

For the answer to any other question you may have, please see our customer service staff when you're next in. Alternatively phone us on 6350 7300 for Cannington or 9231 0900 for Riverton.  

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