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Managed by experienced and caring staff, the crèche at either Cannington or Riverton Leisureplex gives you the chance to work out, play a sport, go for a swim or visit the library while your little one is well looked after.

The crèche offers fully supervised care for children aged 12 weeks through to six years of age. Children are well-cared for by experienced staff in a fun, safe, fully-equipped environment with activities to keep them busy during their stay.

Parents/guardians must remain on the premises of either Cannington or Riverton Leisureplex and Cannington or Riverton Library while their children attend the crèche. We ask parents to complete an enrolment form and present the child's immunisation record for the staff to sight on their child's first visit.

Online bookings

Bookings are essential
Bookings must be made at least one day in advance and can be made up to one week in advance.

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School Term and School Holidays
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
9.15am to 11.15am

Mondays, Wednesdays, Weekends and Public Holidays



School Term 
Monday to Friday
8.45am to 12pm

School Holidays
Monday to Friday
9am to 12pm

Weekends and Public Holidays



function room

The two-level indoor playground is designed for children aged 0 to eight years old.

Colourful, safe and air conditioned, the area includes two slides, a small flying fox and a super fun ball pit. There’s also a separate play area for tiny tots.


Enrolment form
Prices per child
Casual entry (UP TO 2 HOURS): $4.40

Multi pass (10 x 2hr entries): $39.60
Casual Bookings
  • Making a casual crèche booking: All casual crèche bookings are to be made online and paid at time of booking.
  • Casual crèche booking non-attendance: If you fail to attend and/or inform us of the cancellation of your booking, there will be no refund given.
Multi Pass Bookings 
  • Making a crèche multi-pass booking: Multi-pass booking can be made online or in person. You must have sufficient multi-passes to cover any booking.
  • Multi-Pass crèche booking non-attendance: If you fail to attend and/or inform us of the cancellation for your booking, you will have a crèche pass taken off for each child booked in.
Cancelling a Booking
If you are unable to attend you must call or email to inform us of the cancellation (at least one hour prior to the crèche opening). You will need to re-book for any future bookings.

      Cannington Creche 
      6350 7316

      Riverton Creche 
      9231 0916
  • Parents/guardians must remain on the premises of either Cannington or Riverton Leisureplex and Cannington or Riverton Library while the children attend the crèche.
  • We ask parents/guardians to complete an enrolment form and present the child's immunisation record for the staff to sight on their child's first visit.
  • Parents/guardians must sign child in on arrival and out on departure.
  • Parents/guardians are to inform staff if someone else is collecting their child from the crèche. If the person is not listed on the enrolment form, the parents/guardians must provide the person’s full name and description. They will be required to provide proof of identity with photo ID when collecting the child.
  • Parents/guardians will be requested to return to the crèche if their child becomes distressed during their stay, cannot be settled or requires assistance.
  • Drink bottle (water only)
  • Bottles and formula
  • Nappies and wipes
  • Change of clothes
  • Child/children bag
  • Comforters such as dummies, comfort rugs or toys
  • Please bring a pram if possible for younger children. Children sleep in their prams and they are used for comforting.
Please ensure all children’s belongings are labelled: (milk bottles, formula containers, dummies, comforters, drink bottles, bags, and food containers or loss food items to avoid any items being lost or given to other children)
  • Morning tea is served between 10am and 10.20am.
  • Parents/guardians are to provide morning tea and a drink bottle.
  • Children are only given food which their Parents/Guardians have provided.
  • Our crèches are Nut Free also no popcorn, lollies, chocolate, eggs and fruit wraps.
  • Please prepare fruit in the way your child prefers (e.g. peeled, sliced, etc.).
  • Bottles will be given to children when required. Please make sure you have correct amount of water in the bottle and the correct formula amount in separate formula container.
  • If children are sick on arrival to the crèche it is the discretion of the supervisor/creche attendants to determine if the child will be permitted to attend.
  • Crèche attendants will not administer any medication, except for Epipen or asthma medication in the event of an emergency.
  • Crèche attendants will apply first aid in the case of incident/accident. An accident/incident report form will be filled out and the parents/guardians will be contacted and advised.
Children with any of the following illnesses will excluded from crèche:
Conjunctivitis Vomiting (In the previous 24 hours) Severe coughing with obvious discomfort
Rashes-contagious ( Body rash, skin lesions) Cold sore or cchool sores Fever /chills (Temperature above 38o C )
Colds/runny noses, sore throat with fever Head lice or nits (eggs) Chickenpox, measles, mumps
Gastroenteritis/Diarrhoea Hand, foot and mouth General unwell
  • Parents/guardians are to supply nappies, wipes and spare clothing.
  • Children’s nappies must be clean upon arrival to crèche. If the child arrives at the crèche with a soiled or full nappy, it must be changed by the parents/guardians before leaving the crèche.
  • Parents/guardians please ensure children use the toilet upon entering the crèche.
  • Nappy and toileting check are done frequently throughout the children’s stay in crèche.
Father's Day - 4 September 2022 
Halloween Dress up Day - 31 October 2022 
Easter - Crafts - TCB 2023 
Event Information - TBC

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