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Leisure Privacy Statement

How we collect and use information

The City of Canning respects the privacy of all customers and stakeholders. We consider the protection of an individual’s privacy as an integral part of our commitment to serve with accountability and integrity in all activities and programs. This privacy statement outlines how we deal with your personal information.

Collection of personal information

The City collects information about its customers and stakeholders in the performance of its services and functions and as required by law.
The City maintains a database of properties within the City, which includes personal information relating to property owners such as names, addresses, and also records of any enquiries and complaints related to a property.

Personal information is also collected when you give it to us, for example:
  • When you join one of the City’s services or facilities (Libraries, Leisureplexes, Senior Centres, Youth Centres etc)
  • Through correspondence, communication and service requests
  • When you register for an event or program
  • When you create a MyWellness account and/or download the Mywellness® app 

Collecting through our websites

Where our websites allow you to make contact, register or enrol for a service, participate in surveys or provide comment, we collect your email address and sometimes other contact details. We may use your contact details to respond to your feedback and may also collect your personal information and use it to help us communicate with you.

Some services and functions on City’s websites are delivered and hosted by third parties. These services have their own privacy policies, so when you choose to use these functions, the personal information you provide will be used and stored in accordance with their privacy policies.

Cookies and website analytics

The City uses a range of tools provided by third parties, including Google and our Internet Service Providers to collect or view website traffic information. These sites have their own privacy policies. We also use cookies and session tools to improve your experience when accessing our websites.

The information collected by these tools may include the IP address of the device you are using and information about sites that IP address has come from, the pages accessed on our site and the next site visited. We use the information to maintain, secure and improve our websites and to enhance your experience when using them. In relation to Google Analytics you can opt out of the collection of this information using the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.

Social media

The City uses social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to share and promote its services and functions. When you communicate with us using these services we may collect your personal information, but we only use it to help us to communicate with you and the public. The social networking service will also handle your personal information for its own purposes. These sites have their own privacy policies.

Email addresses, telephone numbers

We collect email addresses, telephone numbers (mobile and landline), addresses and at times other contact details, for the purposes of contacting you as a ratepayer or resident, when you make contact with the City or when you subscribe to services.

We use this information for the purpose of communicating with you in regard to Council business, such as rates, debts, complaints, for sending you updates on the activities of a particular service, conducting surveys for ongoing research and development of our services, and to administer contact lists.

Public internet services

The City monitors the use of our public Wi-Fi network and the public computers at our libraries and leisureplexes in order to maintain security and to prevent or detect criminal or unauthorised use of the City’s computer hardware, software, network or systems.

Disclosure and use of personal information

Any personal information collected by the City will only be used for the purpose for which it has been collected, or for a purpose you would reasonably expect in carrying out the City’s activities and functions. Your information may also be used for ongoing research and development of our services.

The City will disclose customer and stakeholder information to third parties only in the following circumstances:
  • To undertake market research for the City in which case the supplier is prohibited from using your personal information except to provide these services to the City of Canning. The City has a robust procurement process and only engages reputable market research companies
  • If, on an application by a person for information under the Freedom of Information Act 1992, the City (or the Western Australian Information Commissioner on appeal), adjudges that disclosure of that personal information would on balance be in the public interest
  • As required by a court order
  • As otherwise required or authorised by law
  • In order to complete the purpose or function for which the information was provided
  • For collecting monies owed to the City including the recovery of outstanding fees and charges through a contracted debt collection agency
  • Otherwise only with the consent, express or implied, of the customer or stakeholder.
Information received by the City is protected from unauthorised use and disclosure by virtue of specific provisions in the Crimes Act 1914, Public Service Act 1999 and the Public Service Regulations 1999.

Storage of personal and financial information

The City is committed to keeping secure the data provided to us.  The City works actively to ensure that information about customers and stakeholders is stored securely and accessed for approved purposes only.

Personal data collected by the City via OneBooking our leisure system is securely stored locally with a back-up to a data centre in another region of Australia. The storage location(s) are chosen in order to operate efficiently, to improve performance, and to create redundancies in order to protect the data in the event of an outage or other problem.

Financial data collected by the City or our agent Ezidebit during the purchase of goods or services at Leisureplexes complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard or PCI. This is an information security standard for organisations that take payment from branded credit cards from the major card schemes. The PCI Standard is administered by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council. 

Third Party Storage or Third Party Providers

Users of our Mywellness® app or Technogym equipment located at or in use at all Leisureplex facilities will have their personal data collected by our third party service provider Technogym and saved on servers located in Italy. Technogym transfer personal data from Australia to Italy which has been determined by the European Commission to have an adequate level of data protection. To learn more about the European Commission’s decisions on the adequacy of the protection of personal data, see this article on the European Commission website.

The City take steps to ensure that the data we collect under this privacy statement is processed according to the provisions of this statement and the requirements of applicable law wherever the data is located.

How to opt out of Third Party collection

Your personal data held by Technogym will be processed for the entire time during which your registration to the Mywellness® Service is active or you request to opt out of this service. It will be anonymised immediately at the time of erasure. Technogym may continue to process your personal data as data controller, on behalf of the City facility of which you are a member.

After 5 years of inactivity, Technogym will send you two quarterly reminders that you can request the erasure of your personal data and/or reminding you of your right to portability. On expiry of the second reminder, your data will be completely anonymised if you do not reply.

In the event of erasure it will no longer be possible for you to recover the data.

You may opt out of the Mywellness® app at any time by contacting the City.

Retention of Information

The City complies with the State Records Act 2000 and retains information in accordance with the above mentioned Act and the Local Government General Disposal Authority for Local Government Records 2015-001/1. More information can be found here.

Personal records stored electronically as well as hardcopy information held by the City is archived securely and disposed after the appropriate period in accordance with the above mentioned Act and the Local Government General Disposal Authority for Local Government Records 2015-001/1. 

Access to and correction of your information

The City may amend this Privacy Statement from time to time and will place any amendments on this website. This Privacy Statement is not intended to nor does it create any contractual rights between the City and any user of the website.

Should you have any questions about privacy-related matters, please contact us here.

Under the Freedom of Information Act, you have rights to access, correct and protect your personal information.

Requests for access to documents that are not publicly available and held by the City of Canning are handled under the Freedom of Information Act 1992 and can be requested by completing a form and sending as a request for the attention of: Freedom of Information Officer City of Canning


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