Junior Lifeguard Club offers a unique opportunity for students to combine their swimming with lifesaving knowledge and put both into practice within classes.

Our Junior Lifeguard Club program aims to increase children’s participation in swimming and life saving activities. It is an aquatic education alternative to traditional swimming lessons for kids who want to combine their passion for swimming with the ability to learn new lifesaving skills. The program is an opportunity for kids to join a club that will advance their aquatic skills, with an emphasis on fun while maintaining strong club feelings and loyalties.

The following stages run in conjunction with our Junior Lifeguard Club:

  • Junior Swim & Survive (Stage 10)
  • Swim & Survive (Stage 11)
  • Senior Swim & Survive (Stage 12)
  • Wade Rescue (Stage 13)
  • Accompanied Rescue (Stage 14)
  • Bronze Star (Stage 15)

JLG club logo

For more information regarding our Junior Lifeguard Club, please contact our Swim School Office on 1300 422 664 or canning.swimschool@canning.wa.gov.au

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