City of Canning Leisure Services: Direct Debit FAQs

What are the offers?

We offer a Flexi Direct Debit membership option. Flexi Direct Debit memberships are available in Leisureplex Choice which gives you the choice of a Fitness or Aquatic membership; or a Leisureplex Plus option which allows you to access to both Fitness and Aquatic. Adult pricing starts from $14.50* per week with discounts for Concession Card holders.

Flexi Direct Debit has no joining fee, no lock in contract and no termination fee. An initial payment is required to activate your membership. The direct debit amount is subject to price revision as approved by the City of Canning.

How does direct debit membership work?

Direct debit membership fees can be paid from any valid cheque or savings account or Visa or Mastercard cards. The City uses a third party provider Ezidebit to manage our Leisure Service Direct Debits. The direct debit amount is deducted automatically from your nominated account every 14 days from the start of your membership.

How do I sign up for direct debit membership?

New customers need to complete the Direct Debit Request Service Form and Membership Application and provide photo identification such as a drivers licence or passport confirming your name, photo and latest residential address. We are required to take a copy of this identification to attach to your paperwork.

What if there are insufficient funds in my bank account for the instalment payment.

A failed direct debit payment will result in your membership being suspended until the failed payment plus a dishonour fee of $15 has been paid. The dishonour fee will apply to every failed payment. These outstanding payments and/or dishonour fees must be paid at the Leisureplex Reception counter or by credit card over the phone. If two (2) or more payments are rejected due to insufficient funds during your membership, then we may cancel your contract and commence legal or debt recovery proceedings without further notice.

Is there a pre-approval process and will I be credit checked when I sign up for direct debit?

No, there is no pre-approval process and you will not be credit checked. You are however obliged to consistently meet the direct debit instalment payment commitments once you enter into a direct debit agreement with us. It is important to note that repeated non-payment may result in your details being forwarded to a debt collection agency and this in turn may affect your credit rating for up to five (5) years.

How do I end the direct debit agreement?

You can end the agreement at any time by providing 14 days advance notice in writing to us at marked Attention: Direct Debit Leisure Team.

Confirmation of your email will be provided within 3 working days. During the 14 days notification period, one final direct debit instalment payment will be drawn from your bank account and payments will then cease. Your membership will remain active during the notification period.

Who do I contact in regards to my direct debit membership?

For any enquiries please 

What if I don’t agree with the new direct debit amount after the annual price review?

For any changes to the direct debit contract, either party has to provide each other with at least 14 days written notice. If there is any change to our direct debit fees we will provide you with 14 days advance notice. If you choose not to continue with us, you may end the agreement by following our standard cancellation policy outlined in question 6.

How do I find out more information on Direct Debit memberships?

Our friendly customer service staff at the Cannington or Riverton Leisureplex receptions are more than happy to assist you in person or you may email us at

Download the OneBooking Terms and Conditions here
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