The City of Canning has a range of parks that offer space for dogs of all sizes to exercise and socialise.

To find out the closest dog exercise area to you, check out the maps below, or see our full park listing

Dog Exercise Areas Map 1 - East Cannington, Queens Park, Cannington, Bentley and Wilson
Dog Exercise Areas Map 2 - Riverton, Willetton, Shelley, Rossmoyne, Parkwood, Lynwood, Ferndale
Dog Exercise Areas Map 3 - Canning Vale

The City is currently developing its Draft Dog Spaces Strategy which will review opportunities for dog exercise across Canning and investigate the potential for fenced dog parks. The Strategy will go to community consultation this year.

Dogs make wonderful companions, providing their owners with years of love and devotion. Caring for your dog's needs and complying with local laws and other legislative requirements that control the ownership of dogs is a major component of being a responsible pet owner. Click here for more information.
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