Public and private trees or shrubs growing over footpaths or roadways can be a nuisance, blocking pedestrian access or your line of sight.

To report incidences of overhanging trees or shrubs, please read the following information.

Park and street trees overhanging footpaths or roads

If you believe the tree is a City tree, please visit our Street Tree Pruning page and report the details, including the street address of where the tree is growing. City staff will then attend and prune the tree.

Plants in road medians

If a garden bed in a road median is blocking your line of sight while driving please advise the City on 1300 422 664 so that pruning can be undertaken.

Trees growing in private property overhanging footpaths or roads

If tree is growing on private property is overhanging a footpath, verge or road and blocking pedestrian access of line of sight, please advise the City on 1300 422 664. The City will then write to the property owner, advising them of the problem and asking them to prune the tree. A two week time frame is given to the owner of the property to prune the tree(s) which are causing a problem, unless it is an urgent safety issue. Generally, property owners respond to this request for pruning. Should pruning not occur in that time frame, the City will contact the owner again.

Plants blocking footpaths growing on private property or verges

Overhanging shrubs and groundcovers growing on private property or in a verge garden are the responsibility of the property owner to maintain. Once notified, the City will write to the owner asking them to prune the vegetation, as outlined above.

For more information, view the City's Administration Policy Trees in Streets, Thoroughfares and Parks.

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