Western Power advises if you see a fallen powerline or pole, always assume that it is live. Do not go near it, touch it or touch anything that is in contact with it.

Electricity from powerlines can jump or ‘arc’ through the air and travel to the ground through your body, resulting in an electric shock. If you see a fallen powerline that is live, contact Western Power immediately.

In the event of an electrical accident involving powerlines:

  • Call emergency services on 000 in a life threatening emergency;
  • Phone Western Power on 13 13 51 to report a fallen powerline;
  • Do not go near an injured person if it means going near powerlines;
  • Stand back and urge other bystanders to keep at least eight metres away;
  • Do not approach the area until the proper authorities have made the area safe;
  • In the event of damage to support structures and equipment, always keep a safe distance as it may not be easy to see the damage.

For more information, visit the Reporting Incidents and Emergencies to Western Power web page. Western Power has a 24-hour a day emergency line so they can arrange to disconnect the power supply.

Western Power:

Telephone interpreter services: 13 14 50

TTY users (speech or hearing impaired only): 1800 13 13 51

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