With rising urban temperatures due to loss of vegetation, street tree planting helps to increase canopy cover and reduce urban heat within the City of Canning.

If the location is suitable, the City will supply and plant a street tree, watering it for the first two summers. New street trees are planted in the cool months, after the rains have started.

If there is room on the verge adjacent to your property, the City is happy to plant street trees on your request. If there is room on the verge for more than one tree, it is possible for the City to plant more if requested.

If there is a particular type of tree you would like, please let us know. Requests for a particular species will be considered, but cannot always be met.

Additional care by residents is greatly appreciated and will help assist plant survival and growth. To help, you can:

  • provide additional water for trees in the summer months
  • keep grass away from the base of developing trees
  • avoid damaging trees when trimming lawns
  • report damaged trees to the City, so replacements can be arranged.

May I plant a street tree?

The City welcomes resident involvement in its street tree planting programs, however you need to have written authorisation from the City before planting a street tree. Even if you plant one, the tree is still the City’s responsibility and you would not be permitted to prune or remove the tree in the future.

How do I request a street tree?

If you would like a new verge tree please fill out our online form here or send us an email or call 1300 422 664 during office hours. Please note: If you are a tenant, the City requires the owner of the property to authorise the street tree planting request.

Tree planting requests are assessed against criteria outlined in the City’s Administration Policy Trees in Streets, Thoroughfares and Parks.

Street tree requests have now closed for the winter planting season. If you would like to request a tree for 2019 feel free to submit a request.

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