Pruning branches from around powerlines and power poles helps prevent power failures however pruning must only be undertaken by fully qualified powerline pruning contractors.

If you believe a street tree within the City of Canning is close to the powerlines and requires pruning, please advise the City so one of our fully-qualified pruning contractors can be engaged to undertake the works. Never try to prune a tree away from powerlines yourself.

If reporting a general powerline pruning request by email, please consider the following:

  • Are the leaves touching the powerlines?
  • Are branches touching the power lines?
  • Are branches growing through the powerlines?

The City will assess the tree. However, if the tree is assessed as being close to the power lines and not touching them or only the leaves are touching the powerlines and powerline pruning is programmed to occur soon in that area, the tree will be pruned as part of that program and so there may be a delay in the pruning occurring. You will be advised by a Parks Officer if this is the case, with an approximate date that pruning will occur.

If branches are growing through the powerlines, staff will assess your request as a priority.

Powerline pruning requests are an emergency if:

  1. The tree is hitting the powerlines and creating sparks;
  2. The tree has a broken branch resting on the powerlines; or
  3. A tree has fallen over and is resting on the power lines.

Should one of these three instances occur, please telephone the 24-hour a day emergency line at Western Power immediately on 13 13 51 so they can arrange to disconnect the power supply.

If you see a damaged powerline, make the safe call and visit the Western Power website.

Please also advise us on 1300 422 664 (24 hours a day) so staff can attend to the tree once the power has been disconnected by Western Power.

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