An urban heat island is a metropolitan area that is significantly warmer than its surrounding rural areas due to human activities. As part of the City’s commitment to reducing the urban heat island effect and to enhance streetscapes, trees are not removed without a good reason.

Street tree removals

Street and park trees are generally only removed if they are assessed by Parks and Environment as dead, diseased or dangerous, where they are causing significant damage or where removal forms part of a streetscape or landscape enhancement program.

Notice of tree removal

Except in an emergency, adjoining land owners will receive prior notice when street trees are to be removed.

What are the alternatives to removal?

If a street tree has structural problems these can often be corrected or managed by pruning. However, remedial pruning can only be completed by the City of Canning or its contractors. Once street trees are removed, where possible, new street trees will be planted near the same site.

May I remove street trees?

The City considers the effect of any tree removal on the environmental character of a location and the interests of the broader community, in addition to the concerns of an individual. It is therefore an offence to remove or arrange removal of a street tree without written permission.

Tree removal requests will not be approved for:

  • Leaf, fruit or twig-drop
  • A tree’s size
  • Reducing shading
  • Restoring or creating a view
  • A resident requesting a different tree species.

Requests for street tree removals can be made by submitting an online tree removal request. Owners and occupiers are not permitted to undertake or arrange removal of trees on public land managed by the City or to engage contractors to remove trees on public land managed by the City unless written approval is granted by the City.

The City’s Administrative Policy ET525 Streetscape and Park Management – Trees in Streets, Thoroughfares and Parks outlines the conditions under which a street tree will be removed.

The policy was reviewed in August 2016 and now where a street tree is removed for any reason, the tree shall be replaced with two trees of a suitable species appropriate to the location or elsewhere in the City if there is not sufficient space.

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