The City encourages residents to take pride in their street verges to enhance the visual and economic value of their properties and the streetscape as a whole.

The street verge is the area of land between a property boundary and the road kerb. It is the area owned by the City where there are footpaths, street trees, telephone lines and power poles present.

Verge landscaping treatments, including lawns and gardens, are the responsibility of the occupants of the property adjacent to the verge.

When do I need permission to landscape the verge?

Provided the City’s Administration Policy Verge Landscape Treatments has been observed, you do not need permission for:

  • Lawn;
  • In-ground reticulation;
  • Organic mulch.

BUT you do need permission for:

  • Verge gardens;
  • Paving or concrete.

The City’s preference is for verges to contain waterwise native plants to minimise water consumption and contribute to biodiversity. A list of some plant species native to Western Australia and suitable for use in a verge garden is available via the List of Suitable Plants for Use brochure.

The following verge treatments are NOT permitted:

  • Synthetic turf;
  • Inorganic mulches such as crushed brick, crushed limestone, rubber, gravel or stone; or
  • Hard, fixed items that protrude above the natural ground level such as rocks or walls and other built or raised structures.

How do I gain approval to landscape the verge?

Write to the City explaining what you intend to do and attach a sketched plan of the design. The plan must show the dimensions of the verge, the location of the verge trees, the approximate position of any proposed paving and the names of the proposed plants. Written approval must be gained before starting any paving or planting works on the verge. Please refer to the City’s Administration Policy Verge Landscape Treatments.

How Do I Apply?

Please refer to the Verge Landscape Treatments Application Form which must be completed and submitted to the City.

Dial before you dig

Before undertaking any landscaping work on your verge, phone Dial before You Dig on 1100 or visit Dial Before You Dig to find out the location of any below ground services in your verge.

City or public utility works

If the City or any service organisation undertakes work on your verge, they are only required to level the site and remove left‑over material. They are not required to replace any plants or mulch or restore paving.

For more information, please submit an online enquiry.

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