Residents are encouraged to maintain the verge adjacent to their property. However, the City will mow long grass on verges where the resident is unable, or unwilling to, maintain the area themselves.

Undertaken to provide clear sightlines for both traffic and pedestrians, the City's Unkempt Mowing Program is undertaken approximately three to four times per year. Verges on busy, arterial roads are mowed by the City every six to eight weeks.

Please note, our mowing program is not a lawn maintenance service.

Unkempt mowing will occur provided there is no reticulation present, regardless of whether the sprinklers are working, damaged or non-functional. This is because of the risk of damage to the sprinkler heads and mower blades. If you remove the sprinkler heads, cap the reticulation pipes and fill in the holes in the verge, we will then include your verge in the unkempt mowing program.

For more information, view the Verge Landscape Treatments Policy.

For reporting issues with untidy and unkempt verges and request to go on verge mowing program, please visit the unkempt verges page

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