Book your child/children in to the Crèche now through our simple online process.

  1. Simply click here to open our booking portal
  2. Login or create account
  3. Select user name (at the top of the page)
  4. Select user
  5. Select the individual child you wish to book in
  6. Select home
  7. Select bookings
  8. Select booking option Cannington or Riverton Leisureplex.
  9. Select booking option
    • Cannington Crèche Child Casual Booking
    • Cannington Crèche Child Multi Pass Booking
    • Riverton Crèche Child Casual Booking
    • Riverton Crèche Child Multi Pass Booking
  10. Select day and time (up to 2 hour sessions)
  11. Select make a booking
  12. Check booking
    • Booking Type
    • Time and Date (Cannington Crèche Child Casual Booking or Riverton Crèche Child Casual Booking)
  13. Crèche Child Casual Booking
    • Continue to payment 
    • Make payment (Cannington Crèche Child Multi Pass Booking or Riverton Crèche Child Multi Pass Booking)
  14. Crèche Child Multi Booking
    • Select confirm booking
  15. A confirmation booking email will be sent
  16. Repeat for extra child/children or additional days

First time enrolment

Parents are asked to bring a completed an enrolment form and present their child’s immunisation records on their child’s first visit. 

Cancellation Policy 

If you have an problems using the online crèche booking portal, have questions about your crèche booking or need to cancel, please contact our friendly team at Cannington Leisureplex 08 6350 7316 or  Riverton Leisureplex on 08 9231 0900.
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