Take pleasure in your baby’s first aquatic experience in the warm soothing waters of Riverton Leisureplex.

Water familiarisation classes at the centre encourage you to praise, reassure and applaud your baby’s natural curiosity.

Through play and song, babies kick and float, exploring the water's buoyancy which acts like an invisible helping hand.

Dedicated and experienced staff will gently nurture you and your precious infant through this memorable 30 minute class.

River Babies
30 minute duration; six to eight babies per class

Post Natal: three to six months, first immunisation recommended.
River Babies 1: six to 12 months.
River Babies 2: 12 to 18 months.

In 2019 Canning Swim School is looking to provide more opportunities for parents with babies to get involved in swimming lessons. Introducing your child to swimming lessons at an early age creates many physical and social benefits.

From Term 1 2019 baby swimming classes will be offered at Cannington Leisureplex in the evening in the warm water of the Leisure Pool.

The baby program at Riverton Leisureplex will be expanded and more places will be made available during the day and on the weekends.

As an added advantage, the price for Baby and Tots swimming lessons will be reduced to $150 per term.

For more information or to enrol in the Baby and Tots program please call the Swim School Office on 9231 0922.