The leisure pool with its warm water and varying depths becomes a water playground for children aged three to five.

With four children per class, the lessons use exciting, colourful and stimulating equipment to create an enjoyable learning atmosphere utilising play, creative expressions and self-discovery. Children develop water familiarisation and confidence then progress to formal stroking. Our pre-school sticker chart enhances the program with an ongoing reward system to promote and encourage skills development, all included in the enrolment fee of $165 per 10 week term. 

Taddies (independent classes)

30 minutes duration; four Taddies per class

  • Taddies 1: Initial water orientation
  • Taddies 2: Water familiarisation​
  • Taddies 3: Water confidence
  • Taddies 4: Stroke development
  • Taddies 5: Stroke progression
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