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Term based programs


Commencing 23 July. $198 for a 10 week term.
Harness the power of gymnastic ring work; the ultimate in upper body strength workouts. In this class you will master stability, flexibility & mobility while taking your strength to the next level. This class is suited to all fitness levels, with our instructors guiding you through correct technique and challenging movement progressions.

Commencing 7 August (4 sessions). $50
Introduction to gym training for ages 14+. Our master trainers will cover safe lifting technique, exercise programming and nutrition guidance in this 4 week program, designed to give you a safe and effective pathway to start training independently in the gym..

Commencing 24 July. $198 for a 10 week term
Want to master safe lifting technique and improve your strength?
3 Big Lifts is guaranteed to improve your deadlift, bench press and squat in a small group scenario, with a passionate and knowledgeable trainer.

Commencing 22 July and 27 July. $198 for a 10 week term.
Aerial yoga brings traditional yoga practice to a new altitude. In this unique class, you’ll use yoga silks to explore some familiar shapes and postures in new planes helping you bend a bit deeper and invert with ease.

Commencing 22 July. $150 for a 10 week term
Ages 7-10
Yoga provides a fun and active approach to get kids moving. Explore yoga practices on the floor with an emphasis on calming breathing and stillness, then work together and soar to new heights in yoga hammocks.

Commencing 24 July. $150 for a 10 week term
Ages 7-11
Cheerleading combines aspects of gymnastics, dance and acrobatics in a team environment. Cheer is a unique sport where everyone plays a role in helping the team succeed. Get involved in the fastest growing sport in the world with our experienced instructor.

Commencing 26 July. Bolster additional ($40.00). $150 for a 10 week term.
Suitable for all levels of fitness.
This class will develop your ability to meditate and be more mindful. The program begins with some gentle yoga, followed by various meditation techniques. As you progress, more time will be spent on meditation to support the development of your own meditation practice. This class is suitable for anyone who wants to develop a more mindful approach into their lives, and learn a bit about yoga.

Commencing 26 July. $150 for a 10 week term
Suitable for all levels of fitness.
A general yoga class based on the philosophy of Vinyasa, linking breath with movement. Students will be guided through physical poses and sequences to develop strength, flexibility, breathing (pranayama) and meditation techniques to assist them in all aspects of daily life.


Commencing 22 July. $150 for a 10 week term
Suitable for all levels of fitness.
Yoga Fit is designed to improve health, performance and mental acuity. Based on the ancient fitness science of hatha yoga, it blends balance, strength, flexibility and power in a fitness format.

Commencing 25 July. $150 for a 10 week term
Suitable for all levels of fitness.
Tai Chi is a low-impact fitness program that is easy to follow, and builds flexibility, balance and strength, whilst leaving you feeling calm and relaxed.

Kids’ classes


Commencing 24 June. $124.00 for a 10 pass block. $12.40 casual entry
Suitable for ages 8 weeks to 18 months
Join our Mums and Bubs classes for a group workout that will allow you to connect physically, emotionally and spiritually with your baby while spending time with other mothers. Bring a play mat or capsule along.


Commencing 9 July. $150.00 (10 pass block). $16.50 casual entry
Designed for young athletes or those athletic in mind who want to improve on their fitness, strength and power. We highly recommend this program to young people looking to gain an edge in their chosen sport. The Lions Development program is designed to complement specific sports training, increase performance and aid injury prevention.


Commencing 26 June. $85.00 for a 10 pass bloc. $11.00 casual entry
Suitable for walking babies up to 4 years
Learn and grow in this movement based class which incorporates basic gymnastics, dance, stretching and play. Get your little ones moving and grooving and feeling their way through life in this fun and social class.



Commencing 27 June. $124.00 for a 10 pass block. $12.40 casual entry
Suitable for ages 6 - 12, parents welcome to join in!
Generation POUND® was created not just as a workout geared towards kids, but a MOVEMENT that aims to change the concept of health and fitness for today’s youth. Get ready to MOVE, ROCK, PLAY and MAKE NOISE!