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Group fitness classes are designed for those who prefer to exercise within a fun and positive group environment. 

These include Les Mills classes, outdoor sessions and aquatic fitness. When there's great music, great atmosphere and great instructors, it's easy to exercise!

We have something for everybody. Work out with friends or join our vibrant group fitness community and make some new ones. View our Membership options and pricing.

BODYBALANCE® Ideal for anyone and everyone, a yoga-based class to improve your mind, your body and your life.

BODYPUMP® A great class for anyone looking to get lean, toned and fit – fast.

BODYSTEP® Full-body cardio workout to really tone up your thighs and get your body moving.

BOOTCAMP An outdoor freestyle class giving you everything you need to become stronger, faster and the best that you can be.​

BOXFIIT A freestyle format boxing class in our designated boxing space - The FIITPIT. The class focuses on boxing and body weight exercises sure to leave your whole body feeling the workout!
The ultimate core conditioning class working to strengthen your entire body.

GROUP CYCLE Experience the sensation of the world's most advanced exercise bike with an added competitive edge! A fully integrated indoor cycle class where you and the instructor monitor and track your progress throughout your workout. Suitable for all levels of fitness.

LES MILLS CORE A specific workout for toning and performance, focussing on strength, stability, endurance, balance and injury prevention.

PILATES This class emphasises the balanced development of the body through core strength, flexibility and awareness in order to support efficient, graceful movement. 

POWER YOGA A faster paced form of yoga based on improving strength and overall fitness. (Not suitable for those with mobility issues.)

SENIORS PILATES Pilates emphasises the balance and development of the body through core strength, flexibility and awareness based exercises. These exercises in turn support efficient, graceful movement and are incredibly beneficial for seniors. This class is specifically tailored for people over 50, aiming to improve flexibility while increasing muscle strength and tone. This class is for Seniors Card holders, DVA and Strength for Life members only and is suitable for all levels of fitness.

SH’BAM® An addictive and insanely fun dance workout.

SLOW FLOW VINYASA YOGA A slower pace of Yoga in the Vinyasa style with postures that are interlinked by breath and held for various periods of time. You can expect to leave the class feeling relaxed, calm and centred after focusing on breathing, meditation and the calming of the mind. Suitable for all ages over 16 years and caters for all levels of fitness. This class is excellent for beginners. 

STRETCH A 30 min class to assist you in finding new stretching techniques and greater flexibility. Stretching is a vital component in any fitness regime which can help reduce injuries and even boost the effectiveness of your workouts. 

TEAMBEATS™ combines variety, efficiency and fun in a single functional workout that is unlike any other group fitness experience. Track your progress with the real time heart rate monitors and take on the challenge of a different workout every time! Suitable for all levels of fitness. Heart rate monitors are available to purchase from reception.

TONE® A class that integrates aerobic exercise (for heart fitness), resistance training (for strength and stability) as well as stretching and mobility work. 

YOGA FITT This class emphasises sports science and alignment principles as well as the ancient traditions of Yoga. It allows for a full range of fitness levels, age groups and health conditions while maintaining the essence of the traditional practice. Suitable for all ages over 16. 

YOGALATES A workout that combines the disciplines of Yoga's breathing control and flexibility with Pilates' strength and toning. This class is suitable and beneficial for those of all levels of fitness and provides a fun, engaging and holistic workout. 

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