BOOTCAMP is an outdoor freestyle class giving you everything you need to become stronger, faster and the best that you can be.

Class type: Strength, Endurance, Cardio

BOOTCAMP can include many different exercise options including boxing, running, high intensity interval training, body weight exercises, stretching and group activities. No two classes are ever the same and rain, hail or shine, we’re all in it together. BOOTCAMP is available in a 60 minute class format.

Benefits of BOOTCAMP

Improve your strength and endurance levels and increase core strength.

What do I need for a BOOTCAMP class?

All you need is comfortable clothing, a drink bottle and a towel. All other equipment is provided but you are more than welcome to bring your own boxing gloves.

Where are the BOOTCAMP classes held?

All of our BOOTCAMP classes are held on the Riverton Leisureplex oval which is next to the main carpark. Once you’ve grabbed your class pass from the front reception, just head on over.

How do I know whether I am fit enough for BOOTCAMP?

We have people ranging from 16 to more than 70 years of age taking part. Our instructors will provide several options to suit everyone so don’t be afraid to get involved. Other participants will support and encourage you too.

Can I still do BOOTCAMP if I’m pregnant?

It is recommended you talk with your doctor or midwife to seek their advice before participating in a class as they will have the best understanding of your medical history. It is also very important to let the instructor know you are pregnant before the class starts so they will be able to suggest some modifications for you if needed.

When do you run your classes?

Please click here to view our timetable.

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