Regular physical activity works to improve the current and future level of our health, providing all round fitness, weight loss, inner peace and increased energy!

The newly refurbished Riverton Leisureplex Gym is fully equipped with world class cardio and strength equipment, the latest technology and an easily accessible and functional layout. The permanently staffed gym offers plenty of fitness options to members and casual visitors and our highly trained, professional and enthusiastic staff are on hand at all times to assist you to feel comfortable and achieve your fitness goals.

Equipment includes machine based, cable assisted and free weights, a functional area and a dedicated weights room with lifting platforms and squat cages. All areas can be used for a broad range of fitness activities including personal and group training, stretching and body weight based training.

Direct debit, short and long term membership options are available and casual visitors are welcome. Free programming, health appraisals and body scans are provided with most membership options including the gym.

*Please note: Our standard age to join the gym unsupervised is 15 years and older, however 14 year olds may join if they complete our Gym Foundation program. Conditions apply to both instances.

Cardio Equipment

Weights Equipment

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