Rasha's Story

Rasha shares her story about learning to swim with the Canning Swim School.

Rasha began thinking about swimming lessons for herself as an adult while her children were swimming in the Canning Swim School Squad Program. Rasha had a fear of water and little swimming experience but wanted to be able to support her children in the water if she needed to. So Rasha decided to put herself out of her comfort zone and approached the friendly staff at the Swim School to see how she could learn to swim. At the Canning Swim School our classes are for all ages and swimming abilities.

“When I started I was afraid of water, but you have nothing to lose. Swimming is great and I encourage everyone to come and swim. You can never say it’s too late to learn. It’s okay, you just have to start.”

Rasha has progressed beautifully in her swimming journey and is now swimming in our advanced class. Congratulations Rasha - you are a swimming inspiration!

If you would like to learn more about Rasha's story, learning to swim or advancing your swimming abilities, please contact our Swim School by calling 9231 0900 or email us today!‚Äč

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