Riverton Leisureplex is undergoing a major redevelopment that will see upgrades to equipment and facilities. Construction works will start on Monday 14 January to transform the former Tumbler Kids Gym into a multi functional training space and a new créche.

Some disruptions to patrons will occur during the construction period. Please follow staff and contractors instructions and signage during this time.

Kids Gym Redevelopment


Why is Riverton Leisureplex being redeveloped?

It has been 16 years since major work was completed at Riverton Leisureplex. The redevelopment is set to position the centre as an innovative fitness destination with the introduction of new gym equipment, functional training areas, a personal training studio, body composition scales and a spin studio.

What is changing with the redevelopment?

  • The kids gym at Riverton Leisureplex will close and be replaced with a new functional training area and spin studio
  • Funding has been allocated to develop a concept for a nature playground in the common area between the Riverton Library and the Leisureplex
  • New equipment will be added to the gym
  • Body composition scales will be available
  • The meeting rooms at Riverton Leisureplex will be converted into rented, commercial space
  • A personal training/ group fitness/functional fitness studio will be added
  • Additional group fitness options will be available e.g. spin, freestyle classes, functional training programs and kids fitness
  • Increased booking capacity for lifestyle programs such as yoga
  • Facility upgrades – new flooring, improved music system and fitness management system

Why can’t the kids gym stay?

The kids gym at Riverton Leisureplex has been running at a loss for many years. As part of the strategic review process, Council decided to redevelop the kids gym into a spin studio, functional training room and personal training studio to provide additional benefits to the wider community.

The kids gym at Cannington Leisureplex will still be available for parties and indoor play for children in the area.

Have children been considered in the overall redevelopment plans?

Yes, plans are in place to develop a nature playground in the area between Riverton Leisureplex and Riverton Library. This is scheduled to occur in 2019.

In addition, children will still be able to access the aquatic area for casual swimming, participate in swim school classes and enjoy a range of programs offered by community groups at the Riverton Leisureplex.

When will construction start?

From 1 December, the current kids gym at Riverton Leisureplex will close and construction will start on Monday 14 January 2019 to build a new functional training room and spin studio.

How long with the redevelopment take?

Construction will be completed in three phases, with the first phase beginning in December, the second phase expected to take place in January 2019 and the last phase is due to be complete in April 2019.

When will the redevelopment be finished?

All work is expected to be complete in April 2019.

How much is the City of Canning investing into the Riverton Leisureplex redevelopment?

The City of Canning has invested $750,000 to improve the facilities at Riverton Leisureplex to position the centre as an innovative fitness destination and community hub.

Does this redevelopment mean fees are going to increase for members?

A new membership and fee structure was introduced on 30 August 2018. The three new membership options give Riverton Leisureplex and Cannington Leisureplex members more value for money. The charges are less than what was previously charged. As per our usual process, we review our fees and charges every financial year and will do so again next financial year.

Will there be any closures of the gym during the redevelopment?

Yes. The gym will close in April 2019 for up to four weeks for new equipment and flooring to be installed. At no extra cost, all Riverton Leisureplex members are encouraged to use the facilities at Cannington Leisureplex during this time.

Will the construction work impact parking available at Riverton Leisureplex?

No. The works will have no impact on parking available to Riverton Leisureplex members.

When the gym is closed, can members put memberships on hold?

Yes. Any member wishing to put their membership on hold can put a time stop on for the four week project. The $5 time stop fee will be waived during this period. All time stops need to be requested by completing a time stop request form (available at main reception).

When the gym is closed, can members extend their memberships?

Unfortunately, no membership extensions will be offered. All members are encouraged to take advantage of the facilities at Cannington Leisureplex.

Will the new functional training area and spin classes cost extra for members to use?

Various new classes will be included in current membership plans and will not require additional fees e.g. spin and a number of other group fitness formats. Specialised services such as personal training and term-based programs will incur additional fees to participate.

Will members need to pay for new body composition scales?

Up to four scans per year, per member are included as part of our existing appraisal and programming entitlement. Additional scans will incur a fee.

When will a timetable be released for the spin studio?

Morning and afternoon spin classes will be held at Riverton Leisureplex. A timetable is expected to be released one month prior to the opening of the new fitness studio. Visit our website to view the most up-to-date group fitness timetables.

How many bikes are available in the spin studio?

Twenty four bikes will be available in the new spin studio.

Do members need to pre-book a bike for spin?

Details will be release one month prior to opening on how to secure a spot in spin. Our new booking system will determine what method we will use.

What additional classes will be available when the development is complete?

  • Spin
  • Freestyle classes
  • Functional training programs
  • Kids fitness
  • Seniors fitness

Will the redevelopment affect the pool facilities and classes at Riverton Leisureplex?

There will be no affect to pool facilities. However, some disruption to pool access may occur during the gym closure involving the hallway to access the wellness suite.

The redevelopment works will not impact group fitness classes.

What commercial spaces will be available for rent?

The meeting rooms at Riverton Leisureplex are being converted into spaces for allied health workers – physiotherapists, remedial massage therapists and naturopaths – to rent out. This will provide Riverton Leisureplex members with more health and wellbeing services.

How much is it to rent a commercial space at Riverton Leisureplex?

Details will be released as part of an expression of interest process. To stay across timings and information regarding commercial space at Riverton Leisureplex, visit our website.

What length are the leases available for the commercial spaces at Riverton Leisureplex?

We will be seeking long-term commitments up to a maximum of 10 years.