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You are never too old to start investing in your health and wellbeing. The Council on Ageing WA's Strength for Life program at Cannington and Riverton Leisureplex offer award-winning senior fitness services and solutions catering to people 50 years of age and over.

The program focuses on getting more seniors into the gym environment, completing a structured strength routine designed specifically for their needs. A full doctor's clearance and physical assessment with our fitness team is required before commencing the program.

What's included

A personalised workout plan will be provided and we will encourage and support you while instructing on the correct technique and safety.

As an accredited and multi-award winning provider of this program, we run multiple sessions throughout the week focusing on many areas such as balance and coordination, strength training, aquatic and land-based group fitness, modified games and social events.
  • Access to the gym, wellness suite and pools Monday to Friday 1 - 4pm
  • Supervised Strength For Life gym workouts Monday to Friday 1 - 3pm
  • Revitalise Aqua classes. 
  • Specialised Strength For Life sessions at 2pm each week: 
Monday - Balance and coordination
Wednesday - Strength and endurance
Thursday - Stretching master class
Friday - Group games
Casual passes available from $7.80 per single entry with multi passes and memberships available. 

Note that casual and multi passes can only be used for gym and class access.


Steps to join

​1. Download and complete the participant forms: 2. Take the Doctor Referral Letter to your local GP and have them fill out the medical participant form.
3. Once completed, contact the Health and Wellness staff on 1300 422 664 to book your appointment.
4. On the day of your appointment, please bring all completed forms, a towel and water bottle. Wear comfortable clothes and closed in shoes. 
5. Inform the trainers at the desk of your arrival.

For more information on the Strength for Life program, pricing and registrations, please call our friendly gym staff on 9231 0900.​

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