From ground booking help to reporting issues, this page provides resources to help clubs run efficiently.

Reporting an issue with the City of Canning

We have developed an online form for you to report any issues. This is the quickest and best way to let us know if something is wrong – including turf issues, locks on change room doors, and lighting issues.

Requesting a minor modification to a building or grounds

Any modifications made to City property are subject to an approval process, which will require supporting documentation from the club submitting the request.

Where in principle support is given for a modification of City property, clubs may be asked to:

  • provide written proof of support from other user groups
  • make a part or full financial contribution towards the modification
  • assume responsibility for any maintenance before formal approval is given.

Not all requests are approved, as they may:

  • be deemed unnecessary
  • compromise the security of the building
  • not be in keeping with the visual amenity of the area
  • compromise the experience of other user groups at the site.

Visit the Contact Us page to submit an enquiry.


Seasonal ground and pre-season bookings are required to be made through our Bookings Team. Each year we will contact clubs allocated at the grounds to request their upcoming season information.

New clubs are encouraged to email the Community Development Team, who are here to help and support your club’s growth.

Bookings can be made by emailing or calling 1300 422 664.

Seasonal Changeover

Clubs will be contacted towards the end of their respective seasons to provide information on their last possible dates of use, with follow-up communication as they progress through finals. The City uses this information to plan any turf renovations and removal/installation of infrastructure for the upcoming season.

Although clubs will often want goals and other sporting infrastructure installed as early as possible for pre-season games and training, the work requires the sourcing of specialised equipment and personnel. As a result, the changeover period needs to be within a short time-frame to ensure the financial sustainability of operations and appropriate allocation of staff resources.

Resources and templates

When establishing important documents for your club, the first place to start is with your state and/or national sporting organisation. Most sporting bodies already have templates for the basic running of your club including:

  • governance and policies
  • volunteer position descriptions
  • social media policy
  • balance sheet template
  • coaching resources.

The Australian Sports Commission’s Game Plan provides clubs with access to strategic and operational support. This website also allows clubs to access and track their growth and strategic priorities.

The Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries has created the Every Club Hub, which has resources, guides, training opportunities and information on how to improve your club and support volunteers and members.

We have teamed up with Sports Community to provide sports specific webinars aimed at building and supporting the capacity of sports clubs. For further information, send us an email.

Our Community Development Team are always here to help. If there is something you need or can’t find, please contact us at

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