We have painted a tree blue at Whaleback Golf Course. 

By spreading the paint and spreading the message that "it's OK to not be OK", we can help break down the stigma that's still largely attached to mental health. 

The first blue tree was on a farm in the Western Australian wheatbelt - a practical joke to use up paint and see how long it took for someone to notice. One of the pranksters sadly took his own life some years later, so the tree was repainted by his family members as a tribute. His sister subsequently started the Blue Tree Project to encourage people to talk about their mental health. This has seen more than 150 trees painted blue across WA, with more blue trees across other states of Australia and overseas. 

The blue tree near the fifth green at Whaleback signifies that it's OK to feel a little blue, and that there are always people around to listen and help.



For more information, visit www.bluetreeproject.com.au
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