The City has a team of workers proud to maintain and improve the course and surrounds at Whaleback Golf Course.

We have been working on tidying up the roughs, planting new trees, and adding new challenges to the course.

Learn more about the projects happening at Whaleback:

In 2021 the golf course underwent an irrigation upgrade to help keep the greens lush during the summer months, keeping the course in great condition to play on throughout the year. The below photographs show the before and after, from summer 2020/21 (left) to summer 2021/22 (right) following completion of the project.



As part of the irrigation works, a new pump shed was installed to manage the sprinklers and other irrigation essentials across the course. The new sprinklers include individual controls which can be managed by our grounds crew using an iPad.




Some improvements to the challenge elements of the course include replacement of the 2nd green, new tee top on the 12th hole and a few new bunkers. During the irrigation upgrades, the crew was busy making these improvements to the course.

2nd hole – before (left) and after (right) photos showing the new green and bunker:

Whaleback 2nd green

Whaleback 2nd green Jan 21

In 2020 our team made the most of the COVID-19 shutdown to make improvements to the greens. The team undertook greens coring, which is important for lawns which have frequent usage – like the golf course. The coring relieves soil compaction and promotes growth.



The team also used this time to undertake a reconstruction of the 3rd hole. This was a lengthy process which involved digging up the existing lawn, preparing the soil, and then laying the new grass. The beautiful new green was welcomed by returning players in October 2020.

Whaleback 3rd green reconstruction
3rd green reconstruction – May 2020

Whaleback 3rd green reconstruction - 9 weeks
3rd green reconstruction 9 weeks in – July 2020

Whaleback seeding 3rd green
3rd green reconstruction – May 2020

Whaleback 3rd green reconstruction
First players to play on 3rd green following reconstruction – October 2020

You may have seen there is a blue tree near the 5th green at Whaleback. This is part of the Blue Tree Projects, which signifies that it's OK to feel a little blue and is a reminder that there are always people around to listen and help.

The first blue tree was on a farm in the Western Australian Wheatbelt. It was a practical joke to use up paint and see how long it took for someone to notice. One of the pranksters sadly took his own life some years later, so the tree was repainted by his family members as a tribute. His sister subsequently started the Blue Tree Project to encourage people to talk about their mental health.

There are now more than 150 trees painted blue across WA, and even across Australia and overseas.

By spreading the paint and spreading the message that "it's OK to not be OK", we can help break down the stigma that's still largely attached to mental health.

Visit the Blue Tree Project website to learn more.

Work was undertaken to regenerate the surrounds of a lake at Whaleback Golf Course. This involved removing non-native species, old logs, and grass from around the lake, and planting almost 4,000 native plants.

The plants are great for the environment, and require less watering, fertiliser and pesticides. They improve water quality and provide a habitat for native species.

Planting was conducted with the Landcare Officer from South East Regional Centre for Urban Landcare (SERCUL), volunteers from the Whaleback Scout Group, and the City’s golf course maintenance crew.




Visit the History page for a look back at other improvements made since opening in 1981.

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