This Strategic Community Plan is the basic building block which will inform Council decisions in relation to new projects, operational expenditure and service provision for the next 10+ years.

The Strategic Community Plan is one of many tools that will guide the future direction of our City. The Plan is broad, with a long term focus and strong emphasis on our community’s visions, goals and strategies to achieve a City we are proud of.

The City encouraged participation from the broader community and actively sought input from specific groups fora comprehensive cross section of the community. These groups included environmental, state government infrastructure and planning, social services, health care, disabilities,business community/industry, education,multicultural, religious, young people and Aboriginal sector groups.The outcomes of the engagement highlighted what our community liked and wanted maintained in the City and areas of improvement in the future.The City encouraged the community and stakeholders to participate, with approximately 4000 responses received and over 1600 people who helped shape this Plan.

Corporate Business Plan 2018 - 2021

The Corporate Business Plan aligns with the City’s directions and priorities identified in the Strategic Community Plan ‘Our City: Future’. This Plan is the mechanism by which the objectives in the Strategic Community Plan will be delivered. It details the actions, services, operations and key projects that the City will deliver within the defined period of 2018 – 2021.

Other critical informing strategies are the Long Term Financial Plan, Workforce Plan, Asset Management Plans, Digital Strategy, Local Planning Strategy and Risk Management Framework.

The Annual Budget and Annual Report set out the resourcing and reporting against the community’s vision. The Corporate Business Plan should be read in conjunction with the Strategic Community Plan which is the overarching document for the community’s vision and aspirations. Click here to download your copy of the Corporate Business Plan.

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