Bee hives on private property are the owner or occupier's responsibility. If bee hives are on Council-owned land, please click here for pests on public land. 

If a bee swarm or hive is causing you problems on private property, it may constitute a nuisance. The City recommends that you try to resolve this directly with the property owner in the first instance, as they may be unaware of any problems.

For further information on bee swarms and removal from your property please visit the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development webpage.

Keeping Bees

Residents must obtain written approval from the City to keep a beehive in a residential area. Approval may be granted for  an application submitted in accordance with Local laws. You can submit an enquiry about keeping bees on your own property here


European Wasps

Residents should remain vigilant about detecting the declared pest by familiarising themselves with its appearance and their nests, reporting their locations and even volunteering to Adopt a Trap, provided by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development.

The European wasp looks similar to a common paper wasp, but is slightly smaller (the size of a bee), has black rather than yellow antennae, and builds underground nests. Since the first European wasp was detected in WA 41 years ago, WA has managed to remain relatively free of the pest, despite it being established in South Australia, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, Victoria and Tasmania, and New Zealand.

Please refer to the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development's Wasp Identification Guide for more information.

To Adopt a Trap or report a European wasp sighting, call the Pest and Disease Information Service on 9368 3080, or email
For more information on this exotic pest, visit the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development's website.

If you are experiencing problems on your property with wasps, other than European Wasps, contact a licensed pest controller to treat the nest.

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