This three year Alcohol Action Plan supports partnerships between community and service providers and outlines comprehensive strategies to address identified local alcohol-related priority areas.

The priority areas identified in the Alcohol Action Plan are:

  • underage drinking

  • alcohol-related anti-social behaviour

  • alcohol-related support services.

This Alcohol Action Plan was developed following a review of the literature and alcohol-related local data, meetings  with individual organisations, youth network participants and East Metropolitan Health Service’s Aboriginal Community Advisory Groups. The data gathered from these processes was then used to inform the planning of workshops with key-stakeholders facilitated by the Mental Health Commission. These workshops identified the alcohol-related concerns and issues affecting this area to support the development of an alcohol action plan.

An Armadale, Canning and Gosnells Local Drug Action Group with key-stakeholder representatives has been established to plan, implement and evaluate the comprehensive strategies outlined in this Alcohol Action Plan.

To view the plan please click here: Alcohol Action Plan 2019-2022